The UK Association was founded in 1992 to provide a nationwide umbrella organisation; since then the original vision has been fulfilled in the following ways:

  • The provision of nationwide standards for Christian counselling and care.
  • The provision of a nationwide system for the accreditation of Christian counsellors broadly acceptable to Christian churches, counselling organisations and the wider community
  • The provision of a nationwide system for the recognition of training in Christian counselling and pastoral care.
  • The provision of a body which represents Christian counsellors and develop relations with institutions such as the social services and health authorities, and with denominations and professional bodies.
  • The encouragement, training and resourcing of Pastoral Carers.


The Association recognises that among Christians there is a great variety of approaches to counselling. Whereas it aims at high standards in practice and training it does not seek uniformity.

ACC CHairperson

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